Saturday, April 30, 2016


This paper is designed to identify and break the social stereotypes of first generation college students. Many media outlets identify first generation students to be less successful, and many times blame it on some sort of racial aspect. In reality, first generation students have a unique set of difficulties that hinder their college success. This paper identifies some, but not all, complications many first generation students deal with, as there are too many to name. By identifying the complications, the attempt to break the stereotypes is made by also providing solutions. Through research, it was noted that first generation students are more at risk to fail and those who do not fail may have lower grade point averages. Though the implications of failure are there, solutions to the problems were found. So the question, are first generation college students more likely to fail, is answered. Yes they are, but not because of they are inferior to continuing generation colleges students, but because they find themselves in a unique situation that can keep them from moving forward.

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